Article Review Of The Article 'School Uniforms Turning Our Kids Into Soulless Uniforms'

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As a regular reader of The Guardian, I disagree with your choice of publishing the article “school uniforms turning our kids into soulless conformists” in this website. The reason I disagree with this article is that the author’s opinions are based on her personal preferences. The author’s personal dislikes do not represent all people. I also disagree with the idea that uniform is about conformity, that it is turning kids into soulless conformists. The author begins with the statement that “uniforms are extremely odd clothes we make children wear to “instill discipline” in them”. This is not true. This is not what school uniform is used for. As a student, out school uniform gives me a sense of purpose and community. The tie and the shirt can always remind me of my duty as a student, which is, learning. When I am told to wear a school uniform I don’t feel like I am forced to do so and I just go with it. The author also said that schools uniforms are odd and ridiculous. In my opinion, having a dress code in a school is neither odd nor ridiculous, but very necessary instead. It not only creates a…show more content…
In fact, many parents agreed that one of the most remarkable benefits of having schools uniforms is that the prices are very cost effective and reasonable and reduce the burden of buying expensive clothes every now and then. School uniforms might not be very stylish and fashionable, but they can help us concentrate on study and not on clothing. As we get older we begin to pay more attention to our appearance. This can be a big distraction. In this case, wearing school uniforms will help. In addition, as a student I really appreciate the many conveniences that school uniform brought to us. I’m glad I don’t have to spend 10 minutes every morning deciding my wardrobe. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what brands I wear, or whether I look good in that outfit, because we all look

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