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“Children are our future. We teach them today; what they will do tomorrow”-Tanya R. Liverman. This particular quote has always grasped my attention throughout my life, so I chose an article about the teens of our future titled “What’s Keeping Teens Out of Work” by Lauren Weber from The Wall Street Journal. This article entails of the drastic increases in the unemployment rate of the teen in today’s society. It gives reason to believe that these increases in unemployment are due to the failure of teens to accurately complete the pre-assessments provided by employers. Weber expresses that teenagers are unaware of the seriousness of these pre-assessments and constantly simply rush through this process expecting to receive a call for an interview…show more content…
Unemployment is a topic that falls under the study of economics. Unemployment is defined as the inability of labor force participants to find a job. Working and labor are major components of economics, and unemployment particularly falls under macroeconomics which deals with the whole system in the economy. Labor creates the economics system. If there are no workers, there can be no products, goods, or services carried out, Therefore, the constant failure of teens to pass the pre-assessment given before they can be hired will ultimately lead to larger increases in unemployment which, as time continues to progress, can lead to a shortage in workers, which in turn will lead to less products and goods being carried out. Unemployment leads to a chain reaction of negative aspects if…show more content…
By definition, this word means to evaluate or set a value on a particular item. In this case, the communication skills and work habits of teens were appraised to determine whether a candidate is good for a company. Employers are trying to determine if having teens on the job is truly worth having. Placing teens on the job compared to adults is analyzed to determine the opportunity cost. This could be set up on a production possibility curve (PPC) to determine the qualifications needed for a teen to be accepted to a job. If the teen falls on or outside of the PPC they get the job. In contrast, if they fall inside the PPC then they are short of the qualifications and do not get called for an interview. It is favored if a teen hits the equilibrium point of the two

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