Article Critique: An Efficient Method of Classifying Perfectionists

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The article I chose to critique is “An Efficient Method for Classifying Perfectionists” (Rice, K & Ashby, J, 2007). This article is very informative and detailed in its description of the study of classification of perfectionists. Intro The introduction is lengthy but covers all needed aspects of the study. The stated purpose is clear. It states at the end of the first paragraph that the study is looking for an easy method for counselors or school staff to identify perfectionism within its student body and further identify one’s that may need intervention due to maladaptive perfectionism which can lead to increased mental and physical issues. Rice and Ashby (2007) provide an extensive literature review. This review covers most previous studies of this topic. They even include papers that are in press to their references. This indicates to the reader that the authors were very thorough in their review of previous studies, which is an important aspect. This literature review provides a comprehensive background for their work and they note ways to improve on previous research to further assist in the field. They fashioned their research to improve on what they saw as lacking in the other studies, namely providing for a larger sample size and better clustering techniques. I believe this review was more than adequate and the authors used it well to set up their contribution and hypothesis. The authors contend that through their research they will be able to provide an instrument with easy attainable measurements to counselors and other helping professions to assist them in identifying maladaptive perfectionism. Whereas this topic had been studied before the results had not lent themselves to this type of tool for the counseling com... ... middle of paper ... ...ive perfectionist group. This prompted the need for more research on depression in this population. This article and research was very well done. The authors provided all information necessary to understand the research and results. They did an exemplary job of showing their statistical analyses and validations throughout the study. They were very objective throughout the paper and pointed out their own limitations and further needs. The last point was that this study was focused on the student population (university age students: 18-30) so this study would not provide valid results for an adult taking the using the same measures. Works Cited 1. Rice, K. & Ashby, J. (2007). An efficient method for classifying perfectionists. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 54(1) 72-85. 2. Huck, S.W. (2008). Reading Statistics and Research (5th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
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