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Education and employment The reading that I have done in this course help me understand the causes of economic crisis and how to resolve it. other articles that I read also, was on decision making and millennials. The article on decision making tackles how to make the right decisions that will yield positive results. The process of making a decision includes framing it, gathering information then making the decision. If the decision does not yield positive feedback then it is important to review the results and assess what can be done better. Decision making is a key skill in life and in anyone’s career. Also, the article on millennials. The article includes multiple graphs comparing millennials to past generations. These graphs include employment…show more content…
Because more I tell my child what is about to be aware of their future and educated them about making good decision to recognized their future wealth and the growing evidence of their education and family live. Teaching children making decision is also helping to understand and be aware of their moral beliefs and make conclusions to supported to those values so that child can get good bath. I teach my children how to understand and reflect and listen to their internal selves and analyzing their own values and purposes before they get to…show more content…
Moreover, they do not face some economic difficulties as parents, because what they see is only the results of their parent, but they do not know about how to get the result them self. Most of millennials get support from their Parents so they do not do a lot sacrifice to their live. How does millennials and decision-making affect you The way millennials decision making affect me is I have to talk to my child every day and show them how some of their decision is going to ham our future. I like to save money and think their college and our future retirement, but my children wanted to have what others have such as expensive designer shoes, hand back or clothes which I do not like to spend our money. Going to graduate school affects our money because we must lower our spending and expend saving for their future education so that affects me because I cannot have what I like and I have to give first priority their education. What can be done to teach millennials how to make the right

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