Article Analysis: Infection Control in Home Care

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Introduction The article Infection Control in Home Care was given by Emily Rhinehart in April 2001. This article is about the home care and infection control in the United States of America. This article stated that, in the past decades, the scope and intensity of home care have increased, whereas the strategies and prevention solutions of infection surveillance and control efforts have fallen behind (Rhinehart, 2001). Lack of applicable and consistent methods for surveillance and acute-care practices of prevention are needed to control infections. The article provides an understanding about the appropriate strategy and need of training to assess the infectious disease and their risk. In addition, the author has also stated the development of prevention strategies (Rhinehart, 2001). Research Question/Problem This research study is based on a particular problem effective control measurement for home care. The researcher has developed some research questions to conduct the research study effectively. The research questions are as followed:  How can we provide high-tech home care to the patience?  What are strategies to Infection Surveillance, Prevention, and Control in Home Care? Theoretical/conceptual Foundation The theoretical and conceptual foundation of the journal article was based on appropriate and sound academic literatures and concepts. Emily Rhinehart, the author of this journal article has evaluated many literatures and concept to answer the research questions. The researcher has identified that 9655 agencies in the USA, serve home care to the patients collected data. The researcher gathered this data through the basic statistic about home care, association for home care, 1999 (Rhinehart, 2001). The researche... ... middle of paper ... ...s. Thus, the researcher wants to say that, in order to accomplish the study in the future, evaluation of new studies and practices is essential. References Emori, T.G., Culver, D., Horan, T. (1991). National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System (NNIS): Description of surveillance methods. Am J Infect Control, 19(259-67). Garner, J., Jarvis, W.R., Emori, T.G., Horan, T., Hughes, J. (1988). CDC definitions for nosocomial infections. Am J Infect Control, 16, 28-40. Luehm, D., Fauerbach, L. (1999). Task force studies infection rates, surgical site management and Foley catheter infections. Caring, 18 (30-4). Rhinehart, E. (2001, March-April). Infection Control in Home Care. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 7(2). Woomer, N., Long, C., Anderson, C.O., Greenberg, E.A. (1999). Benchmarking in home health care: a collaborative approach. Caring, 18(22-8).

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