Article Analysis: How The World Loved The Swastika

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Campion, Mukti Jain. “How the World Loved the Swastika - until Hitler Stole It.” BBC News,
BBC, 23 Oct. 2014,
This article talks about the use of the Swastika symbol by Nazis. Many people don’t know this but it was first originated from the ancient Indian language, “Sanskrit”, and means “well-being.” However in history as we know the Nazis used it as a symbol of German pride. And now around the world it symbolizes genocide and hatred and a nightmare to many Jews. This shows how Nazis have appropriated and completely changed the symbol from its original meaning. I want to use the article to show one of the examples of cultural appropriation so my reader can understand better on my topic. “Cultural Appropriation & Stereotypes.” Cultural Appropriation & Stereotypes | CSUSM, This website is educating their students on their campus about cultural appropriation. Based on CSUSM, the students
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Rogers from defines cultural appropriation “as the use of a culture’s symbols, artifacts, genres, rituals, or technologies by members of another culture” then it divides cultural appropriation into four different categories which is cultural exchange, cultural dominance, cultural exploitation, and cultural transculturation. Then it includes how other people define cultural appropriation. I would like to use this article to help my reader understand not only what cultural appropriation is and how it is bad but other people’s point of views and how they see it. UK, The Week. “Cultural Appropriation: What Is It and Why Is It Wrong?” The Week UK,
The Week UK, 22 Aug. 2017,
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