Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible

In The Crucible there are many different ways in which Arthur Miller

captivates the interest of the audience. These include the reasons for

which Arthur Miller wrote the play, and various themes within the play

such as love, hate, lies, betrayal, lust and injustice. There is an

interest in the nature of the community, the ways in which the law

operated and the moral and reasoning behind the people of that time.

This is also of interest when we look at the main characters within

the play. Many other factors such as relationships between different

characters and of course a good story line ensure that Arthur miller's

The Crucible captivates an audience of any age as it displays the

fundamental truths of religion, love, evil and hysteria which apply to

any age, race or creed.

For any play, book or film to be successful, an interesting story line

is one of, if not the most the most important element. The crucible

has a universally appealing story line, that which contains heroes,

villains and love. The fact that these three are interconnected so

acutely in The Crucible gives extra appeal to any audience. In The

Crucible we see John Proctor as the hero as he stands up for justice

and avoids believing in a wild fantasy, which has consumed the rest of

the community. He risks his reputation and life for these people and

after the tragic consequences of their reaction to John's perceptions

they realise that they are in fact in the wrong and the rest of the

charges are dropped and solemn apologies given to those who have

suffered. We see this heroism in John through his unwillingness to

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this genre on a practical level, witnessing the way of life, the petty

community rivalries such as disagreements on who the reverend should

be, and the way peoples lives were dictated by a theocracy regime

which proved through the witch trials, completely unreliable.

The Crucible is full of techniques and devices used by Miller to

ensure a ply successful and appealing to any audience. A modern

audience would find this play intriguing and interesting, due to a

universal story line, the characters and scenes, tension and empathy

created throughout the audience, interest in the nature and lifestyle

of the people of that time and different themes and issues explored.

By incorporating all these into a play Miller is ensuring sure the

play has the right ingredients to involve and attract any audience of

any age.
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