Art of the Ages

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The main focus of art from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance period involved fundamental changes in the way individuals viewed their world. A central element of the Renaissance was the rediscovery of ancient world of Greece and Rome. The ancient classics of philosophy, literature, and science inspired the development of empirical methods to pursue studies in these fields. As Europeans became increasingly aware of classical knowledge some like Galileo began to build on that knowledge actual observation and study of the natural world, even conceiving experiments to test his theories. It is art, however, that is the most visible indication of the changing outlook of Europeans. The focus on the natural world caused many artists to move away from the medieval focus on God to an increasing concern with the natural world and more precise depictions of that world. The horrors of the plague had caused many to question their faith in the 14th century, another factor in undermining a God-centered world. As a result, the themes of Renaissance artists are less devoted to the glory of God and increasingly to secular themes. They only painted Biblical scenes when Greek and Roman history were depicted. Later in the Renaissance, artists will begin painting genre scenes of contemporary life. The increasingly sophisticated artistic techniques permitted artists to create amazingly realistic depictions. The role of the artist also changes in the Renaissance. ...
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