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Superman has had many alterations by American artists throughout the years. In the year 1938, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel sold the well known American Icon Superman to DC Comics. They created this character as high school teens in 1933. In a short period of time Superman was being seen from newspaper strips to television programs, films and video games. Siegel grew up loving science fiction to the point of writing stories and submitting them to publishers only to be denied; this did not make him give up. Shuster also had a passion for science fiction stories and when he met Siegel in 1931 they instantly connected as they both had a very strong taste for the genre. One might portray Superman differently than the other but Shuster and Siegel originally created him to wear a blue costume, red cape, and a red and yellow “S” shield on his chest. Some changes made by artists include modifying of his costume by adding gloves and sometimes short sleeves and differences of his face and body structure.
Ed McGuinness is an American comic book artist eminent for his work on a few different books, particularly Superman. McGuinness graduated high school in Stoughton, Massachusetts determined to be a comic book artist and that’s exactly what he did. Early in his comic book career he drew for books such as Wildcats and Mr. Majestic only leading up to much bigger titles such as Superman and Hulk. McGuinness draws his characters with a powerfully built physique which works well with the meaningful faces he also gives them. Some modifications he has made to Superman’s physical appearance include a much stronger body structure. In the original comic drawn by Joe Shuster, Superman has less of a muscular build. Unlike the first, McGuinness made Sup...

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... an impact on people all throughout America. From having 130,000 people visit the Superman panel at comic-con to having an original Action Comic Book being sold at more than $2,000,000. Superman is known for wearing his blue suit with a red and yellow ‘S’ but many artists have their own color tones and facial and body features.

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