Art and Video Game

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Historically video games have been considered a novelty or technical subject, but in recent year given the increase in technology video games have been able to show that they are more. While not a traditional art form, video games do have an artistic basis. Video games are increasingly becoming more story and visually based. With these increased artistic elements it is increasingly becoming harder to deny that video games are art, but maybe they are not the art defined by a traditional definition. Critics state that that video games do not have the artistic values that art has but perhaps there needs to be a new definition of what art is to include video games. Art can be divide in to two different categories, “literacy arts,” art forms that attempt to tell a story, and “fine arts,” traditional works, sculptures, and paintings, as well music and dance. Video games, along with film, are an example of a literacy art form. Video games are increasingly becoming literacy art by telling stories that are equal if not better than those found in most movies. Not just mediocre stories to have them in the games, but compelling stories that drive the player to push forward. Bioshock, a 2007 release, is an example of this increasing importance of stories in video games. Influenced by philosophy and the works of Ayn Rand, the creator where able to create a cautionary tale of man’s individualism and genetic tweaking (VerBruggen). Art has an emotional effect on its viewers, too; it suggests new ideas and criticizes the current. Video games serenely do this, video games have the capability to tell a dramatic story, and have done so in games like, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, and The Last of Us. Each of these games involve a story composed of remar... ... middle of paper ... ... be defined by a traditional art definition. These definitions of art cover a traditional definition and both authors agree that video games cannot be defined by these definitions, therefore video games need to be defined by a new definition. Video games are a collaborative effort of a team of artists that tell a dynamic story sometimes greater than those of movies. This story involves the player as a main driving force and an important. Work Cited Adams, Ernest W. "Will Computer Games Ever Be a Legitimate Art Form?" Journal of Media Practice 7.1 (2006): 67-77. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 25 Oct. 2013. Hall, Stefan. "Video Games as Collaborative Art." Phi Kappa Phi Forum 88.1 (2008): 19. Education Research Complete. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. VerBruggen, Robert. “Games People Play.” Academic Questions 25.4 (2012): 552-560. Springer Link. Print. 7 Nov. 2013.
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