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“You would make a great teacher.” This statement is what got me thinking about teaching for a career. We were at a 4-H meeting in fifth grade and my friends were clowning around. I told them to be quiet and pay attention. One of my friends told me I sounded just like a teacher. Then in middle school I started teaching my friends a few crafts and I helped a few people with drawings. Both of these instances and many other compliments given to me made me think about becoming an art teacher. When looking at the working conditions and salary, along with other things, one can see how demanding, but rewarding it can be.

An art teacher has many things to do for the students. They, like any teacher must take time out of school to come up with lesson plans, set up lectures, and organize classroom discussions and activities (Ferguson). They must also keep track of the attendance students. Teachers are also responsible for grading work and putting the work on display where other students can see it (Art, Drama, and Music Teachers). An art teacher’s main responsibility would have to be teaching the art. The older the students get, the more materials and techniques can be used (Ferguson). Beginning art, intermediate drawing and painting, art history, digital art, and advanced art are only some of the things that art teachers are in charge of teaching to students of all ages (Chronicle Guidance Publications).

The working conditions for an art teacher vary by the region in which they teach (Chronicle Guidance Publications). Teachers of any kind are not paid for the summer vacation, so many try to find other work while they are out of school (Teachers, Secondary School). The summer vacation is two months, so teachers work ten o...

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