Art Of Voodoo

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What do the words zombie, voodoo, and pufferfish have in common? Together these three words bring a new light on the phrase, “You can’t bring back the dead.” Deep in the Haitian culture, it has been said the 80-90% practices the magical art of voodoo (Zombies). What is voodoo? Voodoo has been around for many years, and is a descent from the ancient art of Vodou. It was created by the Haitian culture, and has been adopted by many other places around the world. Voodoo has been known to create all sort of miracles and disasters. Along these lines of voodoo, there is the the art of bringing the dead back to life. When one thinks of Zombies, their minds stem back to the history of zombie horror movies or tv shows; however, this is not the case. In both the New Orleans and Haitian…show more content…
However, the reanimation of the dead cannot only be credited to the magic of voodoo, the credit goes to the deadly puffer fish. Sure after the cartoon movie, Finding Nemo, our image of puffer fish are commedical; however, the puffer fish has some secrets of its own. The puffer fish has always known to be a delicacy in many countries, mostly used for cooking in several countries in Asia. The toxin is produced in the liver and ovaries, and takes skillfully trained cooks to correctly cook the fish. Because, when cooked the wrong way, it can lead to several complications to the human body. Therefore, when creating the powder of reanimation, the two ingredients are, coup de poudre (a french powder) and the powerful tetrodotoxin (Alvarado) found only in the ever famous puffer fish. What is tetrodotoxin? Tetrodotoxin are blocks in the sodium ion channel of the nerve cell membrane which can lead to many types of damage
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