Art Of Happiness Essay

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The art of happiness is a philosophy of Dalai Lama who sees that the purpose of life is to be happy. According to this philosophy regardless of what religion we believe, what job we do, whatever opinion each individual has but the we are always looking to be better and happier more than whatever we have achieved in our lives. Lama has written a Book “ The Art of Happiness” where he states most of the time the purpose of the life is to be happy.

Source of happiness;

The source of happiness depend on each individual. Most often the source of happiness is inner peace and state of mind. We can not be happy even we are rich and we win the lottery, or we can diagnosed with a great ideas if we don’t have inner peace in mind. According
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We have our own thoughts and believe and we can find the way of training everyday. That could be either prayer, meditation, physical exercise or keeping mind in peace for a while. We can dig it deep inside our mind if we practice and train ourselves Converting our anger, anxiety, anger and fear we can have our inner peace of mind. We have to convert those negative attitude toward the love, compassion and empathy toward the human being which creates a great sense of living.

Value and benefits of happiness.

We have a wrong believe that we will be happy after succeeding in our life. We try to achieve our goal and we think that which is a way of achieving the happiness. But according to this Art of happiness, happiness is the fundamental factor of success and it is a present which determines our future. Compassion provides the basis for human being. It is not related with the physical attachment but the compassion is related with the inner happiness. Feeling of compassion and loved has a strong power to have a profound quality of life.

Happiness has a great benefit in lives. According to the research it builds a strong immune system that means it is directly connected human being health and physical wellness. Happy people go to less hospital and suffer from the disease than unhappy people. Happiness means a positive emotion to the people which is beneficial to keep on going the things on the right
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