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”In ancient societies, artistic ability was associated with leadership and religious roles” (Flynn par.5). Art is an extraordinarily large part of human culture. Evidently, it has been for a very large span of time. It influences the way people dress, how they conduct themselves, and even how they may speak. As well, it allows people to express themselves, make others feel good, and to communicate messages. If there was not the extravagant pool of art in the world that there is now, life would be entirely different. It is absolutely plausible that there would be no radios, no televisions, and no iPods. Beyond that, there would be no music, no acting, and no spoken word entertainment at all. A great deal of these things require training. Training…show more content…
Behind all the concerts, all the shows, and all the plays, there are countless hours of work that go into each individual piece of the puzzle. Students who are dedicated to the arts are very passionate, very successful, and have great time management. That is why arts funding is so important.It teaches kids lessons that may otherwise only come their way when it’s too late. As well, it gives trained professionals a way to get a job. Be it a band director or a choir instructor, these are people who have also poured a lot of time, dedication, and effort into their profession. Outside of education, they may not be able to get a job, let alone one they are passionate…show more content…
This should go without saying, but everyone has at least once enjoyed a good song on the radio, or a funny movie on T.V. Everyone has a favorite artist, be that artist a bass player in a punk band, or a painter. Funding to arts opens the doors to being someone’s favorite artist to just about everyone. That isn’t to say every kid listening to his director lecture him on the importance of embouchure is going to be the next Michael Jackson, but it gives them a place to start. Art, especially when a student becomes proficient with it, is an extremely entertaining thing and gives the students something to be happy and proud about. As well, it can also serve as a motivating factor in

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