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The Breakfast Scene is part of an episodic sequence of paintings, in order to display a satirical perspective of the aristocracy. The medium presented is oil on canvas , and was completed in 1745 and now resides within the National Gallery in London. The narrative presented reflects the frivolous spending of the nobility, in order to satisfy certain aspects of eroticism. Depicting a vice count returning from a night at the local brothel , only to find his beloved lounging area defiled by his parents banquet. The count and countess are in a state of anguish, that a beloved noblemen returns engrossed in debt, and withholding the handkerchief of his beloved courtesan. The symbolism presented can be compared to Flemish artistry mostly regarding simple environmental elements not only contribute to the narrative of the piece but also acknowledge certain expectations presented within this era of society. Common indicator regarding symbolic trends well be the dog presented indication of toto , a guardian figure that oversees its owners a sense of loyalty and devotion, the use of satirical elements such figure digging within the coat pocket of the vice count revealing a physical manifestation of his transgression through the receipts presented. Implying that the count has abandoned his sense of duty , in regards to his marriage. The symbol of cupid presented reflects themes presented within Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time , displaying aspects of misguided love , primarily emphasizing how lust compromises the morale of individuals. That the count presented sense of obliviousness in regards to the consequences of his actions, well eventually taint his family name in regards to the infidelity committed , but also such constant self ind... ... middle of paper ... ...h open composition, provides a rustic appeal in order to emphasize the working class. The portrait depicts a fisherman’s daughter , maintain her lovely complexion , in order to lure individuals , to purchase selfish that resides in a basket placed upon her head, establishing a sense of euphoria. Adopting such seductive appearance to establish a form of interest , not only to display her services , but also displays aspects of eroticism and feminism , very large breast that references aspects of fertility , but also the delicate facial features the use of blush to complement her subtle complexion. The use of contropasto, the bodily composition presents a sense of equilibrium in which the action correlates with the action depicted, in which her arm is extended in order to maintain the balance. While the other resides at her waist idealizing her feminine figure.

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