Art Creativity

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It is an inherent tendency of human beings to shy away from boundaries enforced upon us, while we still desire to push beyond the limit. Boundaries are, after all, set by humans. Therefore, do we not have the upmost right and ability to stretch those borders until they collide and unite in complex harmony? Creativity, which includes art, requires a certain amount of these collisions to grow and move forward. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Paolozzi, Klein, and Cage blur the boundaries between art and life by using objects as art, life as still art, and life as moving and sound filled art. As a believer that “inspiration is where you find it,” Paolozzi chooses to form art through stagnant objects as a way to unite dream with reality. Inspired by synthetic cubism, dadism, and surrealism, his work is based on a faith in the future while staying inspired by the small objects and events in your daily life. This concept is significant in the timeline of history because his time as a budding artist came just after the end of World War II. By focusing on the present, and finding joy in every day...
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