Art And Society: The Value Of Art In Society

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Michael Peguero
Professor Iannone
The Value of art in Society
Stephen Davies, in the philosophy of art, argues, “The impulse to make and consume art is a product of biological evolution,” meaning that “art’s evolutionary significance, plays a crucial role in intensifying and enriching our lives in general, both as individuals and communities (Davies 3). Although I do not believe that art is a product of biological evolution, I do believe that art is valuable to society and does not impede on the development of humanity.
As a music artist, I can say that I make music that reflects upon my own life, whether it is on how I grew up poor in a bad neighborhood, speaking about the government or just venting, the release is positive. I have no intent, nor do I negatively impact society in anyway that it stops us from flourishing. Being able to share your ideas and creativity with others brings people together, because it allows us to grow off of each other. Art “plays a vital role in transmitting and affirming the community's knowledge, lore, history, and values by contributing vitally to the creation of an environment in which individuals and their children can flourish, this being one in which there is mutual support and respect” (Davies 4). This whole idea of a congregation where there is moral support for one another shows how art helps establish a kind ground for growth.
One of the benefits of accepting Davis’s thesis is that it allows us to better look for a mate. Since art is evolutionary, the same way we would look for someone who is intelligent, creative, original and virtuosic, through their art, we would be able to tell what type of person he/she is, simplifying and accurately selecting the perfect p...

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...the stuff he says is just for fun, a lot of parents thought he was a negative influence on his kids and felt he should be banned from radios.
Although art can sometimes impede the development of human society, the majority of the time, art will benefit and improve humanity. A lot of people did find Eminem offensive, but then again, more people loved him that hated him. They find him to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, and although he may be hated on because of his art, more people love him because of his art, and how talented he is as an artist.
Stephen Davies suggests that it is plausible that art is a biological product of evolution and also betters the individual and the community. Although I disagree with art being a biological product of evolution, I do believe that art does not hinder any development for human society, but actually improves it.

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