Arranged Marriages in Asian Cultures

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Arranged Marriages
For this assignment, I researched arranged marriages. Including, the history of arranged marriages, the future of them, what is done in process, and how people in today’s society feel about them. I followed 3 methods of research through, books, journals, and even searching internet for others’ theories and looked for more background information on the topic. Then, I used a survey conducted on how arranged marriage is viewed in today’s society. Lastly, I used an interview about a couple who married 25 years ago through an arranged marriage and discussed their feelings about it and whether or not they would do the same with their own children.
In today’s society, arranged marriages in South Asia, for example, are not as common as it once was back in the day. Focussing mainly on South Asian culture and other culture, we will be able to see the different aspects of arranged marriages. Also to portray how society viewed it then versus how society views it now.

The Process to Finding a Spouse:

All starting with India. In India, arranged marriages have been practiced since the way begining. The process of it was not that hard. The man definitely needed a wife, and a young woman needed a husband-even if she was barely 17, and the closest related people to them would create opportunities for them to meet (MacMillan, 1988). Before the 1800’s, the women would rarely be allowed to meet let alone speak to whom she was marrying. When the parents felt that their child was ready to be married, they would go around and tell everyone around their village. Then, the suitable matches were found and by suitable, meaning, of the same group of people, wealthy and with a social standing. That was something extremely important because...

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...God brings two people together and therefore, the marriage will last along time.


Arranged marriages are something that many people from all over the world have different views on. Some believe it is something that will lead to failure and disaster whilst others believe it is the greatest thing out there. Of course, society’s way of thinking will change and will continue to change as time goes on. Some will grow to start practicing it and some may stop. Coming from a more personal opinion, I believe that marriage is all about love and affection between man and woman because they are marrying them, not the family even though some believe otherwise. Through this assignment I have learned that in the end, others’ opinions don’t matter so the person that is getting married should not go off of what others say or tell them to do, but what they want to do.
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