Arranged Marriage: The Ultimate Decision Making Factors For Arranged Marriage

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Having anything arranged for you or even thinking about the idea of letting your parents make a major life decision for you, can be unfathomable in today’s day and age, but it turns out that the outcome might not be all that bad. Thousands of women all over the country meet their everlasting soulmate by an arranged meeting at the woman’s house which typically results in couples being married for longer than those who met their lover by chance. People have often been misguided by the concept of an arranged marriage as most people think that women are being threatened to marry a man of their parents choice, but in reality woman are the ultimate decision making factor in choosing their potential husband. Contrary to marriages that start off with…show more content…
My father and mother met each other for the first time, when my grandfather and my father went over to my mother’s house to see if she was suitable for marriage. My very shy father timidly asked my mother questions about what her name was, her occupation, and if she was willing to move to America. My mother recalls that she did not ask my father any questions as he did most of the talking. This summer, on July 15th, will be their 25th wedding anniversary. In Aziz Ansari’s book, “Modern Romance”, he travels to different nursing homes across the country and sets up focus groups to compare how the youth of today find love as opposed to the much older generation. In his book, Ansari interviewed an elderly Indian woman who had an arranged marriage and she described her experience by saying, “ He really loved me. He was offering me a chance to start the life I never had”(Ansari and Klinenberg 594). The way this woman viewed her marriage, is the same way the majority of women view being married. In foreign countries, like India and China for instance, women are not granted the same degrees of freedom as they have here in America. Women have distinct household roles and so their contact with the male population is in turn, very limited and so, when they are approached with the opportunity to start a whole new life with a man, it is like a dream come true. Ansari explains how his own…show more content…
This is how most Americans dream they will find their soulmate and can only view this type of meeting as the only means of living “happily ever after” with their lover. Cliches such as this, are one of the main reasons why people refuse to believe the fact that arranged marriages do indeed produce successful marriages that last for decades. Utpal Dholakia writes in his article called “ Why Are So Many Indian Arranged Marriages Successful?”, about how more and more people are starting realize that this type of marriage actually works. Utpal says that “High levels of satisfaction are reported by those in arranged marriages over the longer term”(“Why Are”). That’s what special about having an arranged marriage, the love might not be there from the moment you start a life together with the other person, but as time goes on you learn so much and grow to love your spouse. Love marriages consist of both people being head over heels for each other from the start and those who can’t keep that same passion usually end up in divorce. Dholkia says that potentially “ 1 in 100 Indian marriages end up in divorce”(“Why Are”). This divorce rate statistic makes it clear enough that what these foreign countries are doing in terms of marriage are definitely working. The book that is looked at by most as the guide to knowing all

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