Arranged Marriage Around the World

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Freedom of choice is a luxury which many people take for granted. One of the most significant choices that you will make is when you choose the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. But for some people this choice is unfortunately taken away when they are born into a culture that believes in the arrangement of a marriage. A decision and a choice so important is not yours to make but left for someone else to decide without taking happiness into consideration. Therefore, I am against the practice of arranged marriages because it violates a person’s right to make their own decisions.
The arrangement of marriage dates as far back as the custom of marriage itself and is surely a compound subject. In Western cultures, like the U.S., men and women find their own dates, fall in love, and decided whether they want to get married or if they will go their separate ways. These marriages are termed love marriages and are based on preconceived feelings before marriage. The majority of mate selections in Eastern cultures are not based on the same traditions as Western cultures but are based on other factors and in the end decided on by parents and/or family members. “Romantic love is considered to be impractical, unnecessary, and dangerous, whereas companionship and practical love is seen as a more legitimate form of affection and bonding between spouses” (Madathil, Benshoff). Therefore, preconceived feelings are not taken into consideration but age, religion, financial stability, and social status are. These features can contribute to the final decision as to whether the potential mate is suitable for their offspring to be married.
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