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The United States Army consists of three distinct components, the Regular Army, National Guard and Army reserve. Each part plays an integral role in providing support towards accomplishing the mission of the Army, to win at ground combat. However, after well over a decade of war, draw downs and build ups, Army survey data show mutual trust and cohesion between the Soldiers and Department of the Army (DA) Civilians within total force is insufficient. This lack of trust has had a degrading effect on readiness. Findings in the Brockerhoff, Licameli and Toffler’s (2015) report on the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) Annual survey of the Army Profession for Fiscal Year 2015 (CASAP FY15) show, coaching, counseling, mentoring and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the united states army consists of three distinct components, the regular army, national guard and army reserve.
  • Examines the results of the casap fy15 and how it results drive the training and education program for the army.
  • Explains that the purpose of casap fy 2015 was to assess the state of the army profession.
  • Analyzes how casap fy15 assessed trust in first line supervisors, peers, and subordinates. 83 to 84 percent of those who responded to the survey agreed or strongly agreed that their immediate supervisor lives by and upholds the army ethic.
  • Explains that the america's army, our profession program educates and trains service members and civilians in the ethics of the professional army they are a part of.
  • States that the chief of staff of the army (csa) approved the aaop program to inform and inspire the force on doctrine in army doctrine publication (adp) 1, the army, chapter 2.
  • Explains the current aaop program theme for fy 2017 and 2018 is "one army, indivisible". the emphasis on trust is a notable occurrence throughout the program.
  • Analyzes how the "one army indivisible" theme shows a reaction to the casap fy15 results. the primary focus of the theme is to shore up the sense of unity across the total force.
  • Explains that brockerhoff et al.'s report shows that of the 121,224 army professionals, 111,884 were profession of arms and the remaining 9,340 were da civilians.
  • Concludes that soldiers and da civilians take pride in the profession they are a part of, but there is inadequate trust between them and the american people within the army profession.
  • Cites the america’s army, our profession information paper (2013), retrieved from
  • Explains that the center for the army profession and ethic (cape) was renamed in august 2010 under the command and control of the u.s. army training and doctrine command.

Each theme delivers focus for the training that will occur under the theme. The current AAOP program theme for FY 2017 and 2018 is “One Army, Indivisible”. The FY 17/18 AAOP information paper (Toffler 2016) states the intent of the current theme: “The Army conducts the FY 17-18 AAOP “One Army, Indivisible program to strengthen the bonds of trust within the Army profession and reinforce trust with the American people”. The emphasis and re-emphasis on trust is a notable occurrence throughout the AAOP program. It has been a part of each annual/ biennial theme since the program’s initial introduction. With the announcement of the current AAOP theme, CAPE aims to continue the forward momentum gained by previous themes towards its desired end state, a total force that embodies the essential characteristics of the Army …show more content…

However, survey data show that there is inadequate trust between Soldiers and DA Civilians within the Army profession. In order to rebuild trust within the total force the Army must continuously gauge the levels of trust that exist within its components, communities of practice and with the American people. Additionally, education and training in the Army profession and Ethic and a revised focus on coaching, counseling and mentoring will enhance character development and will assist in rebuilding the trust lost after more than a decade of war and continued over sea operations. References CY13 America’s Army, Our Profession Information paper (2013), retrieved from Martin P Brockerhoff, Francis C. Licameli, and Patrick A. Toffler, (2015) CAPE Annual Survey of the Army Profession (CASAP FY15) Toffler, Patrick A. (2016), FY 17-18 America’s Army – Our Profession Theme, “One Army, Indivisible”. Information paper Appendix The Center for the Army Profession and

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