Arizona´s Constitutional Provisisions

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Arizona’s Constitutional Provisions
The Arizona Constitution affects schools, corporations, counties, and municipalities in many different ways. It was originally written in 1910, and approved in 1911 to provide the citizens of Arizona with the possibility of becoming a separated and legal state of its own right. Arizona was rejected as a state several times before it was accepted by President Taft on February 14, 1912 to become part of the State of Union. The Arizona Constitution is the framework on the decisions and rules that each school, corporation, and municipality must follow. It also protects the rights of the people in their individual businesses, their disabilities, and also provides security and stability so that each individual is treated fairly.
Arizona Constitution Effects on Counties
There are a total of 15 counties in the state of Arizona. The capital of the Arizona is located in Maricopa County which also holds the majority of the state’s population. The Arizona state constitution has a big impact on the formation of counties in the state. Article XII of the Arizona state constitution outlines many of the powers given to the counties (Arizona constitution).
Article XII has nine sections which cover a variety of topics. The first section of the article states that each county of the state shall be recognized as a body politic and corporate. This is important for the counties as it lets them be seen as one entity. Other powers granted to the counties are the election of county officers and their set term lengths. The county officers included in section 3 are the sheriff, county attorney, recorder, treasurer, assessor, superintendent of schools and at least three supervisors. They are all to be elected by the peop...

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