Aristotle's To Build A Fire As A Modern Tragedy

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Aristotle’s definition of a tragedy is defined by six major parts which consist of plot, character, imagery, diction, melody, and spectacle. All these traits come together to create a fiction which dramatizes the events that may happen in the near future in order to purge emotions from the audience. Aristotle uses Sophocles OEDIPUS REX as a form to describe what a tragedy should have to be considered a tragedy. Knowing that OEDIPUS REX is the embodiment of a tragedy in Aristotle’s view, To Build A Fire would not fall under Aristotle’s view of a tragedy, but of a modern tragedy. To Build A Fire is a modern tragedy because it focuses on a random person that’s fate is decided by nature.
The views of a tragedy have changed over the year and have adapted to better fit the modern world because instead of having Gods, heroes, destinies, and kings a modern tragedy replaces the Gods to be Nature, the hero is just any random person, but still has an outcome in an event in their life that can be foreshadowed. In To Build A Fire nature is the
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(Gods told him he would do all that and could not change his fate.)When I hear that, measuring where Corinth stands even there after by the star alone, where I might never think to see fulfilled. (29 OEDIPUS REX)
In the quote OEDIPUS chose to disregard the Gods and the prophecy, trying to escape their plan for him, but his fate was still set to make his journey the more difficult. Both OEDIPUS and the main character of To Build A Fire have their lives set or planed by a phenomenon wither it is the Gods or Nature. This proves that in To Build A Fire is not a tragedy in the form that Aristotle views a tragedy, but a modern tragedy that fits the world of today excluding the Gods and replacing them for natural cause or Cosmic
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