Aristotle Nursing Theory

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For Aristotle the overall goal of life would be to attain happiness, that will arise from though and rational thinking. A key goal would be taking in the perspective of the golden mean and selecting virtuous actions. A virtuous action is considered to moral when has motivation behind it to do the right thing. For people with good character virtues is acquired over time by the repetition of proceeding in virtuous ways. Aristotle felt as though becoming a virtuous person was a matter of habit and could be learned over time. The more a person acts virtuously, the stronger the character trait will become. Looking into becoming a good nurse involves that the nurse should train a life of moderate choices based on those they believe that a ethically…show more content…
The big thing is taking in consideration the consequences that result from your action or choice. You have to conclude what action to act on by examining all potential outcomes for every person who may be involved. You must balance and weigh all outcomes, which ever has the best outcome for the best reason and the most people should be selected. Regardless of consequences, actions themselves must be thought to be ethical. With the patient asking to be put us to mercy. The happiness of all affected parties counts equally. The only thing people desire for their own sake is happiness. It’s almost like gambling after you have listed all the possibilities and consequences. The choice could be moral as long as you are not harming anyone. Your choice should be well cultivated and makes a good choice for all. Therefore, the choice to follow that patients wishes would be immoral. The happiness of all affected parties counts equally/ What if they could get through their pain and live. The doctor would be stripping them of their own life. The family would be extremely hurt and upset. You can’t take a way someone for someone and them be okay. Life is irreplaceable. What if the patient wasn’t thinking clearly when they asked what they did. We all want the same thing, happiness, and happiness brings us together. Collectively actions are right if it gets us toward our mandate which is to promote pleasure and minimize pain. You can not get over death, but you can…show more content…
Our reasoning provides us with motive to choose to follow or not follow something. That being said we are responsible for whatever choice we make. The CI is saying that we must always treat humans as rational beings. Our capacity to reason and act morally is what gives us a dignity. Our dignity allows us to have intrinsic moral worth. Every person who is capable of reason is valuable. A person is valuable regardless what anyone may value or not value them as. Kant is believes that all humans have value, which is a person who has the capacity to reason. Human beings have had moral obligation to respect all humans who are humans. The Humanity formulation forbids the objectification of humanity. To act morally you must respect the worth as persons who are above price. To treat me as a person with a dignity is to recognize me as a person capable of making rational choices. If you were to lie, harm, or treat someone like my only value is being something you need then, then you are treating the simply as an instrument. Intent has nothing do with Kant’s theory. So putting a patient to a silent death with the intent of saving them pain and not a miserable life would not be seen as moral to Kant. Initially you are harming them by killing them. You are hurting the family because is it may not be their wishes. The nurse or doctor would be basically lying to the family and may be going against their wishes. You are taking away any

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