Aristotle Nested Concept Of The Soul Essay

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Aristotle claims that plants are unable to share the higher Sensation Soul with animals. This is the claim Aristotle makes when stating, “Of the soul’s power mentioned above, namely, those of nutrition, desire, sensation, locomotion, and thinking, some living things possess all, as we said, others some, and others only one.” In this concept we see Aristotle building his idea on the way living things are separated and how the functions of the soul are arranged. The nested order appears to be a functional formula at first, however, we begin to see problems with the order when an organism does not follow a norm and must be in one level of the nest that it may not necessarily fit. I assert that the nested concept of the soul is actually a framework system that provides ways to traverse the layers and allows for variations that fail to fall within a defined layer. I am using plants to demonstrate how…show more content…
I will first show that the layers cross other layers if capacities are defined through a lens potentiality rather than actuality. Secondly, I will demonstrate that if the fluid movement up and down is applied, then some problems that have been noticed can, in fact, be removed. A third inquiry to the soul nest will be that some separations are in fact not needed as they can be seen within multiple layers and that when we see these connections we can then see the actual way in which nature maintains an eternal ideal for all living things. My first inquiry into the divisions of the soul and examine the way in which Aristotle views each division of soul and the faculty that each possesses and how, in fact, it
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