Aristotle Moral Values

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According to Aristotle, ownership of tangible goods can help to develop one’s moral character. I agree with his philosophy. Owning an object or other goods helps one to discover certain virtues, such as responsibility or purpose in caring for what you own. All objects you own, you must acquire, either through purchasing or through gift. Depending on how you acquire the object, defines its value, either monetary or sentimental. These different values help to develop one’s sense of self, as one grows as a person and develops one’s moral character. By learning these important skills, such as responsibility and purpose, one has a better understanding of oneself. All tangible objects have a monetary value. One way to acquire one of these tangible objects is to purchase it. In order to purchase it, you must have funds, and in order to have funds you must have some means of income, most commonly a job. Jobs are hard work, some more than others, and teach one how to have a good work ethic. Having a job and working to make your own money is great, it makes you independent and self sufficient. Earning my own money helps me realize how rewarding hard work is, but it also makes me much more wary about spending it. When I do spend it, I am more careful and cautious about what I buy and make sure…show more content…
In order to do this we need to have responsibility for our possessions. They are ours, they have value, whether sentimental or monetary, and it is our job to take care of them. If we do not, then our hard earned money has gone to waste or our memories that were attached to it, are simply only alive in our minds. Having things to take care of helps us to have a sense of purpose in life, and teaches us responsibility to care for what is ours. Both important virtues that help us grow and discover ourselves when we have tangible objects that belong to and are cared for by
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