Aristotle, Hammurabi And Machiavelli On Society

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Who decided what was right or wrong and how order would be made in ancient societies? There couldn 't have just been a constitution that everyone followed in the beginning of time. People of ancient times must have come to some agreement to keep everyone well governed to prevent chaos and destruction to society. While undefined, I believe that most theorists addressed social order by defining social rules and ways of living that were believed to be fair for all. Such theorists as Aristotle, Hammurabi and Machiavelli were some of the many who had their own opinions on how the believed, “Government” per-say was created and how it should be ran. Aristotle purposed his theory through a way of stating how political community is best of all for those who are most able to realize their ideal of life. In this document he describes how the members of a state all share either all, some or nothing in common. But the chances they have nothing at all in common is impossible seeing that the two people live in the same state giving them at least one similarity. Shortly after, Aristotle discusses how possessions in the state come into play such as who owns what and whether or not things should be shared. Along with each statement will usually fine about two or three different scenarios as to how the situations could pan out. In this case Aristotle states that, (1) the soil may be appropriated, but the produce may be thrown for consumption into the common stock; this is the practice of some nations. Or (2), the soil may be common, and may be cultivated in common, but the produce divided among individuals for their private use; this is a form of common property which is said to exist among certain barbarians. Which could be compared to modern da... ... middle of paper ... ... laws followed by a consequence whether it is minor or as harsh as the death penalty. If such harsh punishments were informed, I believe the law makers or theorists saw it as a type of scare which would prevent people from committing the crime. There are those people who do break the law and make stupid decisions, but it would keep the amount of people making stupid decisions and breaking the law to a minimum. With that being said, although undefined , I believe that most theorists addressed social order by defining social rules and ways of living that were believed to be fair for all. For two main reasons; The Politics by Aristotle and The Prince by Machiavelli also describe some type of Code of Conduct. But most importantly, such "rules" are explained in the Code of Hammurabi. I believe that theorists addressed the fairest of rules for the societies of their rime.

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