Arguments and Culture Do Not Mix

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Arguments are never won by those being the loudest or the most outrageous. When an argument turns into a hateful yelling match, the meaning is completely lost. Ideas about Culture start many heated shouting matches because of the connotation of the word. Their culture directly influences the way people choose to view the world. When cultures clash; people use argument to say or show that their culture is better. That clashing moment is when violence and social degradation can come into the lives of people belonging to these different cultures. Cultures should never been associated with hate, including argument, instead they should be accepted and appreciated. Deborah Tannen’s “The Triumph of the Yell” provides a basis for the assertion that arguments should not occur within the discussions of culture, assimilation, and the pursuit of happiness. One supreme culture has yet to exist because a supreme culture will never exist. Everyone who abides by set laws is the same and is entitled to equal treatment. Unfortunately that has also never been the case in America. Someone representing a conceited culture always believes they must be entitled to more than another because they are somehow better the others. Arguments between culture lead to violence which twists the argument into a hate match that is never a solution. Support of this belief is given by Tannen who said, “That’s the problem. More and more these days, journalists, politicians and academics treat public discourse as an argument-not in the sense of making an argument, but in the sense of having one, of having a fight” (476). Tannen’s “The Triumph of the Yell” describes exactly the illogical and negative tactics people decide to use in order to win an argument. Through yell... ... middle of paper ... ...tunately see the opposite of how cultures are not to be oppressed by each other. The KKK is a hating group that will never succeed in their actions because they are not peaceful but ignorant and ethnocentric. Arguments are a great way to prove points when they are conducted with positive outcomes in mind but no one should argue about culture. No one should kill someone else because of their culture. Discussion of culture is commended, but no culture is better than another. Cultures in America have suffered hate by others but this is simply vain ignorance. The world should see that argument and culture do not mix at all. In fact, argument and culture are to separate things that should never meet. As Rodrigues said, “Expect marriage” (491), cultures have appreciated each other and there is hope for the end of culture argument. Cultures should have cake and be married.
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