Arguments Against Health Care Reform Case Study

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WK1: A1: DQ1: Table 1.1 (Barr) displays the “in favor of” and “opposed to” arguments against health care reform in U.S. history. Obviously, institutional (and cultural) change occurs in iterations. What similarities do you see between the years/presidents highlighted? What other factors were occurring during these times that may have contributed toward these “in favor of” and “opposed to” arguments? WW Table 1.1 displays similar arguments between Presidents. Their mission is to provide healthcare coverage, improvements, and security for all people. However, the American Medical Association and public have opposing views. By all means, they fear state and government control of healthcare is a step to towards socialism/socialized medicine.…show more content…
“The ACA plans to provide insurance coverage for those in poverty and or uninsured and those receiving moderate income. Moreover, the ACA strategized to make employee health insurance more affordable, reduce costs, and improve benefits. Lastly, the ACA intends to find new tax revenues to reduce costs and improve benefits” (Barr 12).Conceptually, healthcare reform is common sense, but the self-employed and unemployed are skeptical about healthcare reform. The self-employed and unemployed fear they will be required to pay a monthly insurance premium. Also, families that do not qualify for government insurance fear limited access to care. Accordingly, reducing costs could eliminate the use of clinical providers and drug…show more content…
The author believes the public share the sentiments of Frederick Douglas “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced… persons nor property will be safe”(qtd. in Sorrell). Healthcare reform in principle reduces empowerment for people to take charge of their health. The challenge to find strategies to balance freedom of choice and control costs is multilayered. So what do Americans want from their health care system? According to Jeanne Merkle Sorrell, Ph.D., RN, FAAN “ First, Americans want high-quality health care that can provide the greatest benefits. Second, they want freedom of choice to make healthcare decisions. Third, they expect their health care to be affordable so that they have resources for all of the other things we need or want. Fourth, they want their fellow citizens to share in the costs and also benefits of health

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