Arguments Against Gun Control

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The argument over gun control is a major argument in the United States today. Many believe that there should be gun control but then again there are many others who believe that there is no need in gun control. WOuld gun control really help with all of the mass shootings and gun crime in the United States? The government should not control a citizen 's access to guns because it is a guaranteed and necessary right provided by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Will the rise in illegal gun crime happen if gun control occurs?

Yes it will happen, because you have all of these people all over the country that have guns and at least 75% of gun owners in America will not give up their guns or they will hide them and the that
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In the months since the shootings in Newtown and Aurora, Colorado, the debate over how to reduce gun violence in the United States has centered on improving background checks and imposing restrictions against assault weapons. But public health researchers focused on suicide prevention tend to take a different tack. “ I do not work on gun control issues,” said Cathy Barber.” It’s fine with me that other people do…. But a third or more of people in the United States have a gun at home, and they’re valuable to them, and it doesn 't seem useful to me to ostracize them for their decisions…. it just seems more useful to say, ‘okay, that’s what we’re dealing with.”

One thing that reduces the chances that people will purposely shoot themselves, public health researchers have found, is needed gun locks and proper gun storage, which will increase the amount of time that passes after a person decides to commit suicide and actually has a armed firearm in their hand. “Every minute you can delay them increases the chance that they might survive,” said David Litts, the executive secretary of the National Action Alliance for Suicide
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An interview wa publishes with the director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Aaron Zelman. He explains the goals of his organization: “ Our main goal is to destroy gun control. We are an organization that believes we have the moral authority to point out the rest of the world that evils that have come from gun control and how humanity has suffered because of gun control schemes.” Zelman explains the group 's outreach efforts, station, I think there are numerous threats, but one is that the American public really does not understand a need for an armed citizenry. Our country became independent because of the simple fact that our citizens were armed back in the day. we have to reach out to people and help them understand why citizens must be armed, and what 's happened to citizens throughout the world and throughout history when they could not defend themselves against a government gone
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