Arguments Against Foreign Aid

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$2.3 trillion dollars, this was how much was spent on foreign aid in four decades. This idea began after the end of World War II to help war-torn countries rebuild. Although this idea was acceptable at that time, the concept is becoming unreasonable and impractical as the current economy continues to destabilize. Even though this may be considered egocentric and harsh, America must be able to support all the people in its land before donating money to other countries. After 60 years of giving out thousands of billions of dollars to emergent countries, foreign aid must be stopped and be spent on helping America become more prosperous than before.

Many people in the world argue that foreign aid is necessary for developing countries and should not be stopped from being given out. Scores of people argue that foreign aid is vital for the survival of the world’s economy. However, American aid has been going to countries that do not contribute to global development and is usually unknown to the charitable donator. When comparing America’s reason for foreign aid to other powerful nations, they do not share America’s views. As of now, America’s national debt is around $15 trillion, owing around $1 trillion to China. Even though countries like China expect to be paid back in full, America is only continuing to build up its debt. With this, the purpose of foreign aid is impractical and does not benefit the American populace in the long run. Another claim by Americans is that foreign aid for developing nations will benefit them and support the development of other superpowers. Simply put, this statement is false and foreign aid for budding nations only slows their economy and increases poverty. Evidence is put into light ...

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...ved. Also, without foreign aid, the people of the developing nations will become self-sustaining and will eliminate the need for external assistance.

The reasons for donating money to a cause always will have a purpose. As everybody knows, nothing happens without an intention. Without being able to even support the poor in the donor’s land, public welfare must be prioritized and foreign aid should not even be considered. After all that the United States of America has done for other countries, it is time to step down from the plate. It is time for developing nations to take their responsibilities into their own hands and start becoming self-sustaining. It is time for the American government to take the needs of its people into its own hands. It is time for the United States of America to eliminate poverty and hunger within its borders once and for all.