Arguments About Immigration

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Immigration is a word we hear so often in our lives, but not everyone can relate to. Immigration has been an issue in the United States for the longest time ever and is the reason for disputes about immigrants and if they should be allowed to live in the United States. Even though America was built upon by immigrants, many Americans have their sentiments against them. Not everyone agrees to allowing immigrants to stay and live in the United States, but others feel that they should be able to and should obtain American citizenship. Immigrants should be allowed to come to the United States because they should have a chance to succeed in life. Immigrants want to better themselves so why should they be denied entry to do so and live in…show more content…
Claiming they’re bringing diseases and stealing our money. Saying they’re the reasons for crime and drugs. Yet, they’re being judged for things that they’re not doing and it’s starting to become the stereotype upon hearing the word “immigrant” . They’re coming to the United States because they want to improve their lives and make it better for themselves and their children. There is a lot of sentiment and negativity towards allowing immigrants to be in the United States. Those against immigration think immigrants are controlling our country. That the President is too soft and should kick them all out. Immigrants shouldn’t be kicked out just because they’re not a citizen. America is the land of the free and opportunities, but that phrase itself is an…show more content…
One man running for president, sadly, Donald Trump, who’s running for the Republican party, wants to get rid of all immigrants and make America better again. But he means immigrants from Mexico and those of color. Immigrants started this country and now that America’s well developed they want to kick out the ones who started it up. This issue on whether or not immigrants should be allowed to stay or sent back to their native country is pretty sad because we are all human, no matter our race or religion. Humans should be allowed to live wherever they want to, as long as they obey the laws. We should allow immigrants to come and develop their lives in America so they can become successful as
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