Argumentative Statement For Capital Punishment

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The year was 1982, when a sixteen year old boy had just been released from the custody of juvenile authorities, having been in and out of trouble since the age eight (Hays 1990). The first time he got in trouble was for trying to poison his mother’s boyfriend, which he had claimed that the man had beat him. “Two years after that he was picked up for various petty crimes” (Hays, 1990, p.44). When this boy was older, he thought about buying a motorcycle and traveling across country looking for his real dad that he had not seen since he was five, but he did not have the money. According to Scott Hays, on July 27, 1985, he robbed a liquor store (Hays 1990). During the robbery, he pulled out a knife and stabbed a twenty-seven year old mother of two death. The boy of nineteen pleaded guilty to the 1985 murder and asked the judge to sentence him to death. He told the judge, “Death is not a scary thing to someone who is hurting inside so bad they are hurting…show more content…
Family members take comfort in the fact that the killers of their loved ones are also made to face death. According to Deepa Kartha, death penalty is equated as revenge for pain and suffering that the criminal inflicted on the victim (Kartha 2016). Some people strongly believe that a person who has taken the life of another person does not have a right to live. Giving the criminal the death penalty can give relief to the family members or friends of the victim that their loved one has obtained justice (Kartha 2016). Some people may not be able to live their life knowing that the person that killed their loved one is still living an easy life without any hurt or pain. Capital Punishment by Scott Robert Hays states, “What if it were your own brother or sister that was killed? Someday you may be asked to make this life decision while sitting on a jury” (Hays
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