Argumentative Music Therapy

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Some people are skeptical of the benefits of music ? Music is a language of its own with the expressive and communicative . Music can be performed by vocal or instrumental sound sometime it also can be performing together to form beauty , harmony and expression of emotion . Music plays an important role in human life . Reasons for listening to music are differing from person to person according to their lifestyle . Some people use music to make them feel cheerful again when they feel sad . For instance by listening upbeat music will make a person to brighten out their day . Futher more , music can promote a better sleep quality for those people who suffer from insomnia and reduce dependency of sleeping pill . In the same way , scientists have also…show more content…
Music therapy can help some individual that suffers / suffered from disorders such as insomnia and also hastens healing . Music therapy provides positive effects of treatment for individuals with autism . Autism causes difficulty in communication to form a relationship of / to / between other people . Research shows that a person with autism has high talent for pitch processing , labelling of emotions through music compared to normally developing peers . Music therapy often uses / used in cancer treatment to help patient to reduce suffering caused by chemotherapy , improving their qualities of life . Studies show that playing music can help patient in medical procedures lower down their blood pressure , ease muscle tension and more . " What we've learned from our pain patients is that any intervention that can be distracting , relaxing , and enjoyable - whether it's music or another therapy - can decrease the experience of pain , " DrStanos says
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