Argumentative Essays: Spanking: Toxic To Children

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Spanking: Toxic to children

Spanking children has been on the back burner of our nation for a long time. “Sixty-five percent of Americans approve of spanking, that has been consistent since the 1990s.” Most people, don’t address it because it’s a “known secret;” We are expected to sit idly by and let parents do whatever they want behind closed doors. Shouldn’t there be a stopping point? A place where we as a nation can stand and say, that there needs to be a law about a certain type of parenting; the type that is turning children’s backsides red and damaging self-esteems. Spanking is destroying the emotions and their perceptions of our children.

Parents that spank, say that they are trying to get their children to stop what they’re doing
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Hitting your child, is teaching them that it is okay to become violent when you’re mad, which is not a good lesson to learn. Also, it could result in your child, bringing these lessons to their own children, and maybe even reflect it on their spouse. Why is it seen as correct, to hit a child for hitting someone else? The irony is that you’re doing wrong, just as they are. You need to teach children, that violence is not the correct way to go about things, so they spread that to everyone around them. “The odds of a child being more aggressive, when they are older, increased by 50% if they were spanked,” Catherine Taylor community-health-sciences professor at Tulane University. A child, or an adult being aggressive, does not only affect them, but it affects everyone around them. Their aggression could result in them being more violent towards everyone. This could lead to them being isolated from their friends, and family, and developing disorders or maybe isolated in jail. Showing a child, especially at a young age, that getting violent when you’re angry is okay, could and very may result in your child growing up with perception issues; not knowing the correct definition of violence, and the correct situations you may need…show more content…
Spanking can cause a child’s perception to become confusing. They start to recognize adults as violent, and get scared of them, making them questionable of family, teachers, and other adults. They see their parents hitting them, so they think that it’s okay to hurt others, and they think it’s okay to put their anger on someone else. Spanking teaches a child fear, teaching them that they have to lie so they don’t get struck, causing them to continually lie throughout their life. It’s not right to hit your child, while teaching them not to hurt others, it can often confuse them, and that’s when they start to make up their own rules. “Spanking teaches your child to fear you -- not to listen to you or respect you. He may also be humiliated and resentful, and retaliate by being uncooperative.” Spanking teaches your child that they should fear adults, and if they fear adults, how are they going to advance? How are they going to get guidance from you and family, or teachers in school? Spanking your child affects their whole life, and not in a good way. You have to give your child sympathetic guidance and teach them that mistakes are okay. Parenting is about guiding children to be the best they can, parents need to help them learn in a healthy
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