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Since they were first created, vaccines have been the center of many controversies. Fighting for the health of children, on one side their are worried parents not wanting their children to experience harmful side effects, while the government wants the overall well being and eradication of illnesses no matter the cost. Although there are testaments to both sides of the argument, looking at scientific evidence proves the point that vaccines do more good than harm. Over the years, many concerned parents have begun to believe that vaccines can cause autism due to a research paper written in the 1990’s by Andrew Wakefield. As stated on, “Such claims prompted a slew of studies finding no evidence that MMR causes autism. For example,…show more content…
These chemicals often have negative side effects and can really affect one’s health later on in life. It may be impossible to link the ingredients in a vaccine as the cause of medical conditions that may occur years later, however it is evident that there are many unknowns and potential risks in putting those chemicals in your body. Much of what occurs from vaccines is not properly reported as stated above so it is hard for one to know the true statistics of side effects of vaccines in children. Yet, these arguments against vaccines are difficult to prove credible in light of the opposing sources. For those fighting against vaccines it is often a matter of personal experience or feeling. There is hardly enough science to defend not vaccinating a child, yet people are…show more content…
The countering argument has validity and personal testimonials, yet lacks an amount of scientific evidence and reputable sources. Looking at facts and numbers, there are no real links that put vaccines at the cause of any major illnesses, other than the potential of non-threatening side effects. The reality that there may be harmful chemicals in vaccines is eye-opening yet with no real repercussions noted, it is hard for one to argue against vaccinating a child, as they are at a greater risk for deadly disease. Vaccines over the years have saved millions of lives and eradicated once pandemic

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