Argumentative Essay: The Reasons Of Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Argument Essay Put the cookies down! Over the past several years childhood obesity has severely increased. Children all over America are subjected to unhealthy foods more so than healthy foods. With all the different ways of advertising through television, internet, billboards, magazines, etc. children are bound to crave unhealthy foods. Especially since many advertisements are used to target children. Within the past few years larger portions of foods have amplified, the number of less healthy food advertisements have increased, and the parents poor eating habits have all contributed to childhood obesity. “Childhood obesity is a complex health issue. It occurs when a child is well above the normal or healthy weight for his…show more content…
People cannot escape advertising no matter where they go or what they do because it is literally everywhere. With colors, music, and other children in advertisements it makes it easier to grab the targeted audience which in this case is children. Children are unable to escape the advertisements because they are everywhere they turn. Unhealthy food advertisements are all over the place. They are on billboards, television, computers, magazines, newspapers, and more. In sight and in mind. The more unhealthy advertisements children see, the more unhealthy foods they are going to want. “The more television they watch, the fatter they will get.” (“The Whys of Obesity”). If only unhealthy food advertisements would no longer be allowed then maybe people would see a change in the number of obesity in childhood. Parents should limit children’s time watching television and using electronics to decrease the number of unhealthy food advertisements seen and to encourage more healthy foods to be eaten. The poor eating habits that some parents past down to their children are absolutely obscured. It is a sorry excuse for a child’s obesity for the reason to be because of their parents own eating habits. A child should not have to suffer for their parents mistakes. Many parents praise children with sweets and junk foods for doing something good. “Don’t bribe your child with ice cream to get him to eat spinach; it makes the spinach look bad.” (Arguelles 51). “In one
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