Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of School Sports

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Ping! The sound of a baseball bat rings through the school’s campus. Little do the boys playing baseball know, they are learning important skills while playing ball with their friends. Unfortunately, at the same time they are learning baseball skills, the could be harming their bodies. Students-athletes could be earning friends or earning trips to the hospital. There are positives and negatives to playing on a school sports team. Some people believe that being involved in a school sport can help a child. According to Marianne Engle, a sports psychologist and clinical assistant professor at New York University Child Study Center, ”Kids playing school sports may have reduced anxiety and depression” (Hatter 1). Playing sports can help …show more content…

In a CNN article, Kelly Wallace said that more than 3.5 million children younger than fourteen need treatment for sports related injuries (1). Many children are getting hurt in sports, and the benefits , may not be worth the countless concussions. The brains of young children have not fully developed and hard hits to the head can be life-threatening. The Roque News wrote an article on students playing sports, and they said, “In 2009 two high school students died from multiple hits to the head…”(McGough 1). Now innocent teenagers died from a contact sport. The constant jarring of the head finally killed two high schools students providing sports can be extremely dangerous. There are some downsides that make school sports an inadequate decision. Partaking in school sports can have benefits and drawbacks. A student could be gaining confidence or wearing out their body. Sports is like betting, you win big or lose big. Winning meaning earning friends, gaining confidence, and maintaining better health. Losing meaning visits to the emergency room, countless injuries , and not being Able to play because of overuse or playing too much. Children playing school sports can be benefiting their social life and increasing school marks or hurting themselves and ruining their

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the positives and negatives of playing on a school sports team.
  • Explains that school sports can help reduce stress and help minors perform better in school. to stay healthy and strong, children need to exercise on a daily basis.
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