Argumentative Essay On Whaling

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The Japanese whaling fleet sails across the Arctic Ocean, hunting whales. Whaling has been an issue dating back from 1963 when the Soviet Union was hunting the Gray Whale stock; but whaling has been in society for many centuries and have developed a culture. Critics may argue that if whaling is stopped, the whaling countries’ cultures would be destroyed. However, there should be regulations for the Japanese to only be able to hunt a small amount of whales until threatened species are able to replenish. As Japanese non-regulated whaling fuels whale stocks decline , and the Japanese’s claim of “hunting for research” is completely false and deceived the public. To support this claim, the Japanese are hunting whale stocks because of their “fearful…show more content…
To emphasize the whaling culture the article, “Whaling - Con & Pro” states,”. They are not just a group of people with their own professional skills, but they also have their own social organizations, their own jargon, their own folklore, their own arts and crafts, in short, they have a distinctive cultural identity,” (Barthelmess 31). This shows how whaling has influenced countries and many people. However, whaling is not in the predicament of where it needs to be stopped entirely, but the whaling nations need to be regulated/controlled. Norway and Iceland are regulated whale-hunting countries, but Japan is not. As the article, “Whaling - Pro & Con” states, “Norway, for instance, has agreed to and implemented an inspection scheme, which has provided for inspectors on board every whaling vessel. Since 2005, the inspectors have been replaced by "black boxes" installed on board, that register GPS position, engine effort, steering commands, harpoon cannon shots, and the weight of each whale hauled on board in a manipulation-proof way,” (Barthelmess 3). This shows how whaling nations and anti-whalers can come to a consensus which could lead to more whales being saved, but still countries hunting a controlled amount of non-threatened whale stocks. Therefore, whaling nations such as Japan should be regulated for how many and what types of whales they can hunt. However, critics argue that the whaling culture could disappear if hunting whales can not be done. But, Japanese fearful culture and psych drove the whales’ decline. In addition, the Japanese whaling companies deceiving ploy to hunt whales “in the name of science” was completely untrue. Now, will more whales in the Arctic ocean die, or will we reach a

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