Argumentative Essay On Welfare

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Ever since its creation in the 1930’s, Welfare has somehow stayed in the forefront of America’s mind and not in a good way. If you ask any white middle class American how they feel about Welfare, most of the time they will tell you that it is a waste of tax payers’ money. Surprisingly however, many believe that the government should help those who suffer from poverty. The reason why white middle class Americans despise Welfare so much is due to their racist views. Most white middle class Americans believe that Welfare supports lazy black people, particularly men, who have poor work ethics and decided to leech off the government till the day they die. This idea can find its origins in the Reagan era, when President Reagan was trying to convince Americans that government intervention was a detriment to society. In actuality, the Welfare state has helped the lives of many stricken with poverty. The authors of “The Politics of Power” disagree with the claim that “that poverty programs increased welfare dependency, illegitimate babies, and family breakups” (Katznelson 342). The authors make two arguments. The first argument addresses the significance of the antipoverty programs. According to the authors, the “War on Poverty” was indeed successful in “reducing the number of people living in poverty” (katznelson 341). “Poverty rate dropped from nineteen percent in 1964 to less than twelve percent in 1979” (Katznelson 341). The “War on Poverty” had also decreased families living in poverty by about “2.6 million” (Katznelson 341). According to the authors, these programs not only improved the standard of living many families by making medical assistance more accessible, improving housing conditions, and making educational programs availab... ... middle of paper ... ...80). Both President Obama and President Bush have practiced this method. The second similarity between these two administrations is privacy. President Bush was very secretive with “preventive detention.” If ever asked about the issue he would claim that discussing it would bring harm to America. President said the same when asked about the drone program. I believe that America has crossed the line on the international level. It is one thing to aid countries who ask for assistance. It is another thing to intervene in issues that have nothing to do with you. I believe that the “War on Terror” is just a way for America to show its military power. Finally, not only is President Obama’s use of drones controversial due to the fact that these targets are being killed instead of being persecuted but, most of those who die from these drone strikes are civilian.
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