Argumentative Essay On War

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The topic of war has sparked up a lot of debate over the years. War arises when two or more views heavily oppose each other, and as a result, engage in violence. After the bloodshed, war is ended by either agreement or surrender. However, some situations may cause war to recur, as another motive for war may arise, such as revenge. Since 3600 BC, there have been more than 14,500 major wars recorded with more than 4 billion casualties (The facts on War and Peace, 1999). Many argue that war is needed simply because it is effective, while others may oppose stating many immoral decisions have resulted from war. For example, deploying child soldiers is not a new fact, as there are currently 300,000 active child soldiers around the world (The facts on War and Peace, 1999). The effectiveness of war is questionable, however that is not the focal point of this essay. Instead, this essay will explore war in a moral sense. By presenting arguments from both opposing views, this essay will ultimately explain why war is not…show more content…
Even though the argument has shown validity, a counterexample can be used to decrease its soundness. The food chain can be used as a counterexample for this argument, as many organisms are killed, yet it has been accepted by humans and other species as well. The food chain is a system which ensures survival of the fittest: the stronger species will kill the weaker species and use them as food. Since the weaker species have not done any harm, they are innocent. Therefore, innocent lives are lost. Along with the many organisms involved in this system, humans are one of the biggest predators, as they use their preys as food, clothing, and other resources. Since the food chain is a natural system, which is needed for the prolonged survival for many species, it is seen as morally
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