Argumentative Essay On Volunteer Service

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Makayla Backen
21 November 2017
Advanced Language Arts 10
Argument Paper
100 Volunteer Hours to Graduate
John F. Kennedy said, “Every person can make a difference and every person should try.” Some examples of making a difference through volunteering are park and street cleanups, local school projects, serving food at your local food pantry, and helping with youth activities. Graduation requirements should include 100 hours of volunteer service because students would be apart of making a difference. Volunteering helps students grow socially and helps students figure out their plans for the future.
Making a difference is something that everyone should try to do. In fact, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato agree that people should give their
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Whether it is due to the lack of involvement or because kids pick on other kids they find less worthy. This problem could be solved by a quick solution, volunteering. Volunteering is known for helping the cause it is for and for helping the people that are doing it. As a volunteer, meeting and working with people is part of the job. Some kids have a hard time talking with their peers, in fact 4 to 6 million children in America are antisocial. With volunteering, these kids will be exposed to more people and guided to cooperate with them, causing relationships to form. Also, overtime, relationships will surpass just one or two people, it will grow into getting to know whole communities. This will bring kids out of their comfort zones and help them grow socially. One famous person that has grown from doing volunteer work is Angelina Jolie. Her work as a volunteer has brought her all around the world and has helped her form relationships everywhere. She has been deeply impacted by serving others. If kids would start doing acts of kindness at an earlier age, this type of impact can start even sooner and cause more progress throughout the world
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