Argumentative Essay On Veganism

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Vegan: To Be or Not to Be, That Is the Question
Due to the broadening of media and new studies, the vegan lifestyle is booming! Over the last few years there have been countless debates and arguments about attaining a vegan lifestyle. Proposing a central question; should you or should you not? Although giving up the luxury of a non-vegan lifestyle can be arduous, the benefits of crossing over are exemplary. Not only is being vegan healthier, it is also cheaper, beneficial to the earth, and more ethical. Following a vegan lifestyle could benefit you as well as the life around you.
The term vegan is defined to be a “person that does not eat or use animal products”. The definition can be expanded to the idea that being vegan is a way of life where
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Veganism has been known to reverse diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Anorexia. One of the main concerns about a vegan diet is not having the right number of nutrients for your body, but a vegan diet supplies you with the same vital nutrients as a non-vegan diet. “Concerns about sufficient protein and amino acids are common complaints against the vegan diet.” Says David Templeton, author of the article Not Just Vegetarian, but Vegan. “Several plant foods, including soy and hemp seeds, are complete proteins, containing all the essential amino acids. Eating a variety of protein-based vegetables--including leafy greens, nuts, seeds and beans--throughout the day can, in combination, provide the needed amino acids” (2). By consuming these foods rather than traditional animal products, your sugar, carb, and fat intake will be significantly lower. This will in turn, lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. By replacing protein from meat, with food such as protein-based vegetables and soy, your metabolism will be at a higher rate because your body won’t have to work so hard to break down the rotting flesh in your stomach as well as the complex carbohydrates found in most animal

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