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One of the newest trends in America is an alternative to smoking called “Vaping”. There are many advocacy groups that are currently petitioning and fighting legislature that would make this new trend illegal. Many claims have been made stating that vaping is more dangerous than smoking traditional big brand tobacco. There are also arguments that there have not been enough studies to prove that vaping is less harmful than conventional smoking methods, which is not the case however. Vaping has been around since the early 1960s and has proven to be healthier than its tobacco cousin, the cigarette. Currently the United States Government is trying to pass a law that would ban the production, distribution, and sale of many vape products. This ban would make it so the big brand tobacco companies would once again be the number one source for nicotine. I strongly believe that vaping is a safe alternative method to smoking that will reduce many medical risks and diseases associated …show more content…

Many people have given up smoking in exchange for vaping. Many vapers that were former smokers have found there are some side effects to vaping. However these side effects have proven to be temporary. One ex-smoker has created a website that shares his story as well as his findings on the use of vapes and e-cigarettes in his own personal life. The side effects he found were “Dry skin, Dry mouth, Rash/burning sensation on face, Itchiness, Puffy/dry eyes, Caffeine sensitivity, Minor blood nose issues”. Theses side effects however were much milder than the side effects he found corresponding to Cold-Turkey quitting of tobacco which include “’Quit zits’, Bleeding gums, Susceptibility to colds and the flu, Various skin issues, Anxiety, An increase in coughing, Dizziness, Insomnia, Dry throat”. Some of the side effects of smoking can prove to be life-long problems that eventually lead to

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking that will reduce many medical risks and diseases associated with smoking conventional cigarettes.
  • Explains that vaping has advanced like other modern technology since its creation in 1963 by herbert a. gilbert.
  • Argues that vaping is safer than conventional smoking, but there have been many studies to test this. murray laugesen mbchb nzcphm of health new zealand ltd.
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