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There are a lot of low quality foods around us with an endless supply of junk and fast foods. Most of these foods are usually combined with insufficient time to exercise away all the extra calories which is major cause of obesity. Nevertheless, there is a problem of under-eating especially for those in the ancestral health community. It is even saddening that many people are still finding it hard to believe that under-eating leads to mysterious symptoms as a result of insufficient macronutrients and calories. On the other hand, it is surprising that people who are used to under-eat without losing weight tend to shed the extra pounds after increasing their food intake. Under-eating is linked with various health problems and makes it hard for…show more content…
Most people on weight loss programs don’t overeat. Instead, they rely on low calorie diets of about 1200 calories every day. This is quite frustrating because it can even cause weight gain despite lowering your food intake and working out more. A slight caloric deficit causes sustainable weight loss, while larger deficits change the metabolism of your body so as to maintain it in a homeostatic balance. Major drastic changes of the body are reversed by modification on adrenal, sex hormones and thyroid that reduce the overall caloric output. This may be done through production of very low sex hormone and raised stress level that lead to a combination of insulin and leptin resistance making it hard for you to lose weight. These hormonal changes stall body fat retention and weight loss, along with other adverse health…show more content…
Infertility manifests itself through hypothalamic amenorrhea, a condition that is marked by low energy availability and menstrual irregularity, with or without under-eating. Menstrual irregularity refers to both missed periods and an-ovulatory cycle during which no egg is released. Hypothalamic amenorrhea due to chronic deprivation is associated with adrenal fatigue and euthyroid sick syndrome. It is possible that under-eating may be preventing you from getting pregnant if you have a long history of exercising and dieting for weight loss. Returning to a normal calorie intake may reverse the problem making it possible for you to get pregnant. 5. You are losing hair Hair loss is a basic sign of nutritional deficiency of proteins and carbohydrates, or both. It is accelerated by hormonal changes that occur as a result of chronic under-eating and drop in sex hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. In addition, it is also a common symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition which is caused by pro-longed calorie restriction. It is good to reconsider your diet deeply if you find out your hair is falling at a very high rate. You should prioritize consuming nutrient-dense whole foods to stop hair loss and reverse it. 6. Swinging blood sugar

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