Argumentative Essay On Therapeutic Cloning

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Michelle Thompson Dr. Natalie Rosenberg English III Honors 5 March 2014 Therapeutic Cloning What is immoral about saving lives? Therapeutic cloning is a realistic opportunity for patients suffering from a number of diseases. Murnaghan states: “The process of therapeutic cloning is simple: a scientist extracts the nucleus (which contains genetic material) and then extracts the nucleus of a somatic cell (any body cell except sperm and egg cells). Next, the somatic cell nucleus is inserted into the egg [of a donor female]. The egg now contains the patients DNA. The egg is simulated to divide shortly after and forms a cluster of cells known as a blastocyst. Cells in the center of the blastocyst are isolated and utilized to create stem cell lives which are infused into the patient where they are ideally integrated into the tissues imparting structure and function as needed.” Therapeutic cloning is a relatively safe procedure. One reason therapeutic cloning is safe is because cells can be safely removed from embryos or adults. Cloning does not require a human embryo in some cases; cells can sometimes be removed from a live adult. Therapeutic cloning can be performed with cells that can be safely removed from adults or adolescents (Marzilli, pg.19) Embryos must sometimes be destroyed in this process, but the pros of treating diseases outweigh the cons (Murnaghan). Therapeutic cloning is also safe because, the organs made are from the same DNA as the patient; and there is a smaller risk of rejection from the body (Murnaghan).When a new organ is transplanted into the human body, heavy medication must be taken so that the body does not reject the donated tissues; this medication does not ensure that the organ won’t be rejected. “... ... middle of paper ... ...d be the same as the patients and there would be a less likely rejection after a transplant. Therapeutic cloning has the potential to treat “many neurological, cardiovascular, and hematological diseases” (Ballaro). By using stem cells to create different tissues, more organs could be used for transplants. If dedicated scientists continue the research, incomprehensible progress could be made in this field and many lives could be saved by this process. In merely 56 years, the human species went from building the first successful airplane to landing on the moon; anything can be achieved through knowledge. If this determination was applied to learning about cloning, millions of lives around the globe would be saved from horrible diseases. In the future, therapeutic cloning can be a treatment that is used by many, and why should any human be denied a treatment option?

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