Argumentative Essay On The Use Of Internet

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The use of internet has been changing on these years. The use of media is part of the human life. But the use of the internet has become a necessity on many jobs, schools and science. At the same time came to prejudice on the different ways the style of kid’s life. A big problem is with all the access of internet on cell phones, computers and TV on all places, children can access with any problem. The access to watch YouTube channel is so easy, most kids use phones at schools and home. Kids spend a lot time watching the YouTube channel creating addiction to this site. Because, without restriction children can suffer negative consequences if they use technology too much, parent should limit their child use of technology, setting a parental control, and avoid bringing electronic devices on family time.
One main problem is the use of technology in excess is bad for the kids. For example, children spend hours watching internet most half hour a day. Many websites are not appropriate for kids to watch. The access is easy to them. They like to spend playing video games online with people that they meet online,
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As a parent something has to be done, the government and company that leads these websites are not going to correct the problem of the use of internet.
On conclusion, action has be taken at home to make kid understand the use of internet is helpful but at the same time is harmful. Explaining to kids that are websites can be appropriate for them and educative. Because setting time, control websites and avoid a lot of use of devices can help. Those are ways as parent can help to control more the media that kids watch every day. The use of internet has supper passed the human life. Its good to keep on eye how is going to affect a kids over the next years. The information of internet is everywhere and the mind of kids is everywhere, harmful the way of
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