Argumentative Essay On The Equal Rights Amendment

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ERA The United States government should pass an Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee equality for both men and women. Ever since the currently Proposed Equal Rights Amendment was created, there has been conflict about weather or not it should be approved. For almost a century, the side that supports the amendment have fought to get it officially put in place. One person writes, “Since 1923, activists have been trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which states, ‘Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex’” (Document B). This provides an example of how the ERA would establish a basic idea with a very simple set of rules and end up making a big difference when…show more content…
First, someone could potentially argue that women have already achieved a level close to equality through the many efforts made to achieve it and the ERA would be pointless at this stage, but that is not really correct. One person writes, “True women’s liberation does not mean merely seeking equality within a masculine world, but liberating the divine feminine aspects of a woman's personality and using them for the benefit of humankind” (Document C). This quote demonstrates that true equality should not be aiming for the level that men are on, but liberating women and providing them with just as much individual power as men. The sexes should be more like two halves of a single whole rather than one attempting to live up to the other in order for it to be actual equality. Because of this, the Equal Rights Amendment is still very relevant and a valuable part of the journey to that point in our society. Next, even if one acknowledges that the ERA could still be useful to reach equality they may claim that the government should not have the responsibility of solving this issue. Addressing societal issues, William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan state, “Whose job is it to solve these problems? For decades, the answer to that question has been simple: government. Until relatively recently, governments provided for the public good…” (Document F). This is about how the Government is supposed to provide for its people and their interests. This article talks about how the government is not the only thing involved in bringing change but play a large part. For this reason, while women have and will continue to battle for equal rights, the government's approval of the ERA would play a very large part in assisting the cause. These pieces of evidence show why it is still crucial to set the Equal Rights Amendment in order to achieve the goal
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