Argumentative Essay On The Declaration Of Independence

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How nations come into being, varies greatly; some are liberated after decades or even centuries of oppression, military conflict, civil discord, and others demand to be sovereign and independent from another nation. The way the United States of America came into being was a combination of all of these. After years of varying levels of oppression by King George III, the colonists desired to be free and independent. This desire to be free was articulated in the form of a document. This document is known as “The Declaration Of Independence”. It would serve as a blueprint for many nations, in the years that would follow, as a way to demand freedom. This declaration of independence from England was a culminating event after over a decade of oppressive taxation, lack of representation in the English government, civil unrest, and even bloodshed.…show more content…
Jefferson (1776) reasoned that all men had certain rights that could not be removed by anyone, because they are a given from God. He further explained that these rights should and ought to be the central focus of any government. If a government fails to protect or seeks to destroy them, then those people have the right to change, or start a new government. On these grounds, Jefferson claimed the need to declare independence from England and start a new government that would ensure it people’s rights (Declaration of Independence, Transcript, 1776, para.2). Jefferson was not simply making a case to the American colonist or even to the British king, instead to the whole world. This document stood as a testament that these thirteen united colonies were no longer involved with the English government, politically or economically. It surely was written with the hope and intent to foster new political and economic relationships with other European countries. This appeal was crucial for
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