Argumentative Essay On The Benefits Of Child Beauty Pageants

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There are many different types of beauty pageants in today’s society, but a child beauty pageant consist of modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance and talent. The children are judged based on individuality in looks, capability, poise, perfection and confidence. As the judges call it, "the complete package". There are two main types of beauty pageant the natural pageant and the glitz pageant. Glitz pageants are the "glamour" pageants where girls are dressed in high fashion, evening gowns and swimsuit. On the other hand, natural pageants focus on natural beauty, or at least as natural as possible. Parents are often responsible for the participation of girls in the competitions, and even call them self-high-glitz parents. The ages range on…show more content…
However, being a friendly outgoing child also is key to being crowned Grand Supreme at the pageants, and outgoing children are more likely to make friends and have a better awareness about one’s self-image and self-esteem all this based on the article “Good News”. All these make me think about if this is the true way how our society is working on this day, furthermore it is no wonder these little outgoing girls are so eager to make friends with their competition which make me think that if these benefits continue to impact their lives there are also other aspects of the stage life that can change them for better or for worse. Reading the article of "Toddlers In Tiaras." Said that parents spend thousands of dollars on competitions even “the competitions of ‘natural pageants’ while prizes are relatively small, the investment can be enormous. Parents, many of whom have only modest incomes, pay for high-glitz coaches ($50 to $100 an hour), high-glitz photographers ($300 per session, with $150 for retouching), high-glitz wig…show more content…
Beauty pageants is a competition that judges females of all ages based on their physical beauty, and sometimes on talent and personality. By wearing costumes, pretty shoes, and caking your face with makeup, a beauty pageant seems like a lot of fun for young girls. They are not developing any sort of personality or education; just what is taught through these competitions. But most importantly, they are learning to be comfortable with becoming a completely new girl; one that hides her sense of realness with fake eyelashes and a pound of makeup. Beauty pageants are a way to exploit young women, and are killing the mockingbird within these children. Children should be able to decide for themselves if they really want to enter pageants. Chances are that no little girl would decide on her own to enter. If a parent really feels that they want their daughter to participate, then at the very least they should listen to her if she doesn´t want to continue. A childhood is something precious and should not be taken away from a

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